Pre-order my new BeachFit Activewear now!

I am super excited to announce that my new BeachFit collection by Ryderwear is now available for pre […]
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5 fantastic ways to fire up your metabolism!

In today’s blog I thought I would give an overview on your metabolism and how it works and wha […]
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Strength & Conditioning, Why It’s Important & What It Means to Me! | Lauren Hannon

I was at a family birthday dinner recently and I was excited that my new logo for my business had ju […]
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Check Out #TeamBeach Putting My 80/20 Rule Firmly Into Practice!

Left Pic: Geraldine & Kate – Middle Pic: Geraldine, Anni, Reneay, Kate, Ally, Lauren, Naom […]
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Road Testing Some Awesome Australian Designed Gym Gear!

If you are anything like me you spend a large amount of your day in gym gear, so it’s important to […]
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Which Protein Powder is Best?

I get asked a lot about what Protein Powder and supplements I use, so I thought today I would share […]
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How to turn up the HIIT with your training!

Today I want to talk about a popular form of training called HIIT, which stands for ‘High Inte […]
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